making wind pay
making wind pay

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Wind is abundant and reliable

Wind is abundant and reliable - the UK is the windiest country in Europe containing 44% of the entire resource. Wind turbines generate electricity for over 72% of the year but operate nearer full capacity during the winter, when energy demand is at its highest.


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Welcome to Green energy solutions

We believe in saving your energy, both through cutting down on electricity use and installing renewable energy systems which will cut down on your bills.

Some solar energy companies have now joined some of the biggest and most highly respected solar installation firms in Great Britain. Therefore if you are hoping to buy solar panels and want a costless no-obligation quote, fill out the registration form and our team will get back to you within a day.

With the price of solar panels falling and the arrival of Feed In Tariffs, there has not ever been a better time to put on solar panels. Help save the world by cutting your carbon footprint. Solar power is a sustainable form of energy so will not produce harmful pollutants. The sun does not run out. It will never run out which means there will be free energy for you forever.

The best green energy solution is that of solar panels, which turn energy from the sun into electricity that can be used to power anything that runs on electricity, from microwaves and appliances to houses and workplaces. The world market for the use of solar panels is now dominated by four major players, namely India, Europe, Japan and China. In these places scientific research into solar PV panel technology is picking up pace and the distillation of solar panel technology is rendering them ever more cost efficient and energy efficient. If you wish to ask us a query about our suggested solutions you can get in touch and with your query and we’ll respond to you as quickly as possible.

Wind energy for Europe's windiest country (UK)

Many people are afraid of taking responsibility in this manner, believing that solar panel installation is beyond their economic capabilities. The reality is however that renewable energy sources are the most affordable sources of energy for companies and individual homes across the globe.

Renewable energy is the greatest and best hope for humanity in our approaching battle against manmade global warming, a fight that we have caused and must take responsibility for, as a species, and as people. Many people who are exposed to the propaganda prevalent in publications such as the Daily Mail deny the reality of manmade climate change in order to avoid responsibility and for fear of anything ever changing. This newspaper pumps out twisted facts in order to present an argument which contradicts the 97% of scientists who agree that manmade climate change takes place.

So for all decent individuals who care about the future of our species, possibilities such as solar panels and wind turbines are not just intriguing alternatives, they are the only hope. If you have a fascination in renewable energy and would like to discover more, contact us with our team of experts directly.

Our consultants advise and find effective solutions for all commercial concerns, such as all related services with particular advice on your customer base. Our team are outstanding in all relevant products on top of specialist assessment for your customer base.

We are committed to helping the battle against climate change and enabling the UK to become more energy self sufficient. Through the pursuit of excellence in design, planning and development and engaging in local consultation, Your Energy is dedicated to building the right renewable energy project in the right location.

Wind energy is one of the most cost-effective and technologically advanced forms of renewable energy available in the UK. Around the world over 78,000 wind turbines have been installed. Wind turbines are straightforward to construct and decommission (returning the landscape back to what it was before). If sited correctly they have limited environmental impacts, being easily offset by the environmental benefits.

Wind is a free and flexible resource, and can be generated on land and at sea. As the number of wind farms increase so does their cost-effectiveness, and modern wind turbines produce power more cheaply than the newest nuclear power station. Typically one modern turbine in a year produces electricity equivalent to the needs of over 1,000 households.